10 Reasons NOT to go to Dreamforce

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Dreamforce is way overrated, and here’s why…

    • 1. 30,000+ people? That’s a pandemic waiting to happen… more like ‘fluforce’
    • 2. I heard the badge scanners used on the expo floor steal your soul
    • 3. I thought Saasy was scary… then I met Chatty… that thing makes Barney look sophisticated
    • 4. So many chances to win free stuff = so many chances to be let down
    • 5. Going on a business trip means you’ll have to find something to bring the kids… unless they give out clacking teeth at the keynote again
    • 6. Bill Clinton is old news… he’s so… white
    • 7. Watching such polished app demos in the keynotes only makes me feel insecure about my rinky-dink camtasia endeavors
    • 8. Partners constantly want to talk to you and buy you drinks, but they don’t love you for you
    • 9. Have lunch in my “vertical”? Why don’t I just give my competitors a login to my org?
    • 10. How many different ways can you watch Dave Carroll produce “hello world”? Honestly?


On a serious note… I’ll see you in the Dev Zone! Or the Thirsty Bear…

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