An After Hours Joint… for Salesforce Geeks.

Looking for just the right blend of helpful information and awkward comedy that only a member of the Salesforce community would appreciate?  You’re in the right place… which actually is any place you want, because it’s a website.  Put the kiddies to bed, grab a beer, and get your geek on.

Who is this guy?

Some know me from this blog and its classic comedy bits such as “Managing your girlfriends in Salesforce“.  Others know me as that idiot walking around Dreamforce in a white linen blazer after labor day.  Still others know about my annual cigar shindig.  Finally, if none of those ring a bell, you have likely encountered my handiwork on the AppExchange, namely Field Trip or Draggin’ Role.

Additional things I like to brag about:

  • Over a decade of experience on the platform (since before it was a ‘platform’)
  • 1% of all AppExchange installs are apps I personally designed and developed
  • Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame member
  • Frequent speaker at various cloud computing events
  • Handsome
  • Humble

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