As a self-proclaimed expert, it's only fitting that I share my genius with my fellow man by charging astronomical prices to deliver speeches at high profile events. That doesn't seem to be happening, so I guess I'll just blog instead.

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An Old Man's Dreamforce Ramblings This Just InThis Just In 9/2/2015
Dreamforce 2015 will mark my tenth voyage to the city by the bay to attend this magnificent conference. As such, I have some random thoughts your generation needs to hear.
4 Cultural Lessons Learned at the Conga Ranch This Just In 9/8/2014
While in Denver, I visited the fabled "Conga Ranch". I learned that their office is not actually a ranch (bummer)… the more helpful lessons I learned were all about culture.
The Gentleman's Guide to Attending Dreamforce This Just In 10/8/2013
If you're attending Dreamforce, tips like "bring an umbrella" are handy but there are many more guidelines you need to keep in mind if you want to stay classy in San Francisco. If you want to be a gentleman (or lady) at the most rockin' cloud conference then you need to read this.
5 Admin Tricks You Didn't Know About This Just In 12/12/2011
Five cool tricks I've picked up over the years. Most people might know some of them, but few know all of them! Ok, well, until this blog gets out at least... Master these and you'll be the life of any party.
Video Interview - Steve Lehr, RingLead This Just InThis Just InThis Just In 5/9/2011
I sat down with my first video interview guest, the founder of RingLead, Steve Lehr to chat about how he built a company on the AppExchange and what's next for him.
Force.com Sites - 5 Lessons Learned This Just InThis Just In 2/23/2011
I recently built and launched my first two sites on force.com. Overall it was a very good experience and force.com sites functionality worked the way I had understood it to. However, there were a few of the finer points that I wish someone had told me before I started... so I've put together 5 little bits of knowledge that might help you out as you endeavor to build a delicious site of your own.
Welcome to michaelforce.org! This Just InThis Just In 12/4/2010
This site is dedicated to my fellow salesforce / force.com community members. All the awesome administrators, developers, sales people, marketing folk, evangelists, and more...

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